The Colorful History of Seiko Watches

One of many important names within the watch production industry in the world is the Seiko Watch Company. This company came into being in 1924 in the city of Tokyo, Japan. Ever since its establishment, this business has lengthened its trade in Seiko watches completely across the world. There are few names as well known and respected as Seiko.

The group is known for a well-managed popularity in its designer watches globally and now deals not only in watches, but also other products, similar to semiconductors, machine tools, jewelry pieces, spectacles, clocks, printers and a host of other items.

The Seiko Watch has continuously delivered a number of superb, stylishly designed and efficient watches. The watches of this company brought in the latest development in the market leaving its challengers way at the back. The company was founded by a Japanese shopkeeper who used to trade jewelry in a store named K. Hattor in the year 1881.

Later on in 1892, after gaining success in the industry, he began to produce watches under the name of Seikosha. These were compact watches. In 1917, the business house that was generally called Seiko was integrated and renamed as K. Hattori and Co.

In 1983 it was again renamed as Hattori Seiko Co., and in 1990 this company finally came to be known as Seiko Corporation and emerged as a prosperous business entity. Seiko watches were formally brought into use in 1924. In addition, they began to manufacture the chronograph pocket size watch in the year 1941. Seiko was the first to bring in many features in the design and style of watches in that period.

It was Seiko that developed the quartz watch in the year 1969. It was referred to as Astron and had a high price tag. Over the years, in 1973, the Seiko Corporation began producing many kinds of watches that have been the best of their kind in that era. This company has the credit for making the first 6 numeral LCD quartz watches around the globe.

Additionally of being the best to usher in fresh knowledge in watch engineering, Seiko has delivered new inventions and the latest variety in watches. Their watches provide tough struggle to the rivals.

Seiko was the formal time keepers for the twenty fifth Olympic Sports event held in Barcelona in 1992, and it was a duty done very well. Following this, the company has had the distinction of being the official time keepers of a number of international events through the years.

Seiko Corporation is committed toward the achievement of being in the topmost position of the watch industry by giving the highest quality, plus progressive approaches in wristwatch manufacture and production. It is with this loyalty to accomplish quality in service and production that the business has become endorsed timers and this system is still going on.


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